Car Key Cutting

You can order manufacturing of any type of car keys at our company.

key_machineWe use the latest technology in the locksmith industry


  • auto keys for cars
  • auto keys for buses and trucks
  • auto keys for scooters, motorcycles and ATV.
  • keys for ski-trunks
  • keys for tanks and motorcycle trunks

The price for auto key manufacturing is defined depending on the car model, type and year.


IMPORTANT: We provide a service to replace lost keys for vehicles. Once the key has been made and the customer has received the key, we are not responsible from then on for any defects or problems that occur with the key in the future. We are not held liable for either the vehicle or the key once supplied by ourselves!!!

Auto locksmith services London offers manufacturing of auto key according to the secret of the lock. This service is offered when you have lost the only key that you have for your car. The car is opened by the auto locksmith, one of the locks is removed /the most common is the lock for the ignition/, after disassembling the lock, the code is read and then a key is manufactured that fits perfectly to the secret.  This method for key manufacturing is done with the help of electronically controlled machines, and the accuracy of the manufactured keys is absolutely one to one with the auto keys, which were industrially made together with the car.